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The Great British Baking Show is back on American tv tonight! Huzzah! Tune in to your local PBS station to meet the new batch of bakers along with more Sue and Mel shenanigans, disapproving Paul Hollywood stares, and quips of “sheer perfection” from Mary Berry. I can’t wait! In honor of its return, it seemed like the perfect time to post the Book Cake Tag I found from suddenlylorna on BookTube last year.
mary berry cake

paul laugh
 Self Rising Flour- book that is slow to start off but really picked up as you went along
Much like The Demon King from the first series, Flamecaster started slow for me even though I liked Ash and was interested in what was going on. The second half really hooked me and has me wanting to see where the sequel (and the series) could go.

Butter or Margarine- a book that had really rich and great plot

Disenchanted: The Trials of Cinderella has a few plots actually and watching them slowly weave together into one main story is one of the most satisfying parts of the book! There are layers to everything, including shifting family dynamics, a budding romance, political treachery, and betrayal of the deepest nature. I also thought Labyrinth Lost had a unique, vibrant, rich plot and I’m excited to explore more of the magic in the sequel.

Eggs- a book you thought would be bad but actually turned out to be quite enjoyable

On the surface Princess of Thorns sounded like it could have been filled with bad fantasy cliches- yet another Sleeping Beauty retelling. But I found it refreshing and filled with action, swoony romance, and basically everything I love in fantasy! It’s a sequel of sorts, and a standalone, and has such awesome character development. Plus ogres and fairies and an Alanna-type ship!
eating cake
 Sugar- a very sweet book
When I think of sweet, I think of Lara Jean and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. It’s a charming book filled with sisters, baked goods, and cozy sweaters.
 Chocolate/Fruit Filling Layer- a book that surprised you or a character that has hidden layers
I did not expect to love Romancing The Duke so much! I really didn’t expect the humor, or the charming story, or the sparkling chemistry & banter at the heart of the book. An excellent surprise! And Radu from And I Darken is the epitome of a character with hidden layers; I became more entranced with him as the book went on.
Baking Time- a book with a slow-burn romance
The Dark Days Club has one of the slowest burns I’ve ever read. Like seriously. Watching the oven slow, which made it all the more delicious! I need to get my hands on the sequel.
Icing- a book that you’ve read that covered every single element that you really enjoy in books (funny moments, action moments, sad moments, etc.).
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is probably the most well-rounded Harry Potter book, as far as all of these elements go. Plenty of humor (Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes! Felix Felicis!), much more romance than previous books, plenty of intrigue, and one of the saddest moments of the entire series. Plus all of the action and magic we’ve come to expect from a Potter book!
Sprinkles- a book series you can turn to for a little pick me up
For me, fluffy YA contemporary romances are definitely sprinkles! They fill me with warm fuzzies and are very comforting, smile inducing reads. Specifically, I’d say the Off Campus series, even though it’s NA. The mixture of humor, sports, and romance make for very quick and enjoyable rereads! I absolutely love the characters.


Cherry on top- favorite book this year so far

 I have to go with A Darker Shade of Magic– it more than lived up to the hype for me and had everything I love: magic, royalty, lots of action, secrets, long lost artifacts, intrigue, roooomance. I binged the entire series and can’t get enough of this incredible world and these characters!

I’m tagging anyone who’d like to participate, in addition to:
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Are you a fan of The Great British Baking Show (Great British Bake Off in the UK)? Do you just love cake (and books!) in general? Tell me your favorites! And if you end up doing the tag, I’d love to know!

18 thoughts on “The Book Cake Tag

  1. Becky V. says:

    I love this, Morgan! LoL as you can tell from my blog, Im definitely one of those who love cake and books in general. And I love the GBBS! So many great books mentioned here! I need to read Disenchanted soon, I have both books just sitting here but they sound so fun. And your description of Dark Days makes me want to read than even more now!


    • Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle says:

      Thank you! Ahhh I knew I would forget to tag someone, you should do it! I love that you rate books with cupcakes 🙂 GBBS makes me smile all the time, I love having episodes to watch this summer! They are super fun and I think you’ll enjoy them! Dark Days was good, can’t believe I waited so long. Story of my life haha.


  2. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    Ahhhh I loved SO many of these books too! And all the flails for Princess of Thorns!! I had no idea about it before I picked it up and it was just so perfect and funnnnn. My SHIP. *ships them aggressively*

    I also love To All the Boys, and I’m definitely checking out this Romancing the Duke!? It sounds great! ALSO A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC IS PERFECTION.


    • Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle says:

      Seriously, that book is severely underrated ! *joins you in aggressive shipping* I don’t read much historical romance but it is really hilarious and I think the MC has Cait humor now that I think about it! YES IT IS I’M ITCHING FOR A REREAD.


  3. Zeee @ I Heart Romance & YA says:

    I LOVE cake and this is an AWESOME tag, Morgan! I secretly binge watch cooking/baking shows all the time!

    I have only read Romancing the Duke with I gave so much LOVE! 🙂 I am interested in reading To All the Boys I Loved Before, though!


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