Top Ten Tuesday: Fandoms I’m In

This week is a really fun Top Ten Tuesday topic: Fandom Freebies! That can be interpreted so many ways so I can’t wait to check out other TTT posts. I decided to list the fandoms that I feel I’m most part of and active in. I love a lot of stuff, but I wouldn’t say I’m in the fandom at large, if that makes sense. I love the Star Trek 2009 movie but I’m not a Trekkie for example. I obsessively listen to Sam Hunt’s album, love Jane Austen, and the LOTR movies but an I in the fandom? IDK. The fandoms I’ve listed I consume pretty regularly or cyclically (i.e. when something happens to jog my fandom brain and I get obsessive for X amount of time until the next time it happens haha).

What is fandom to me? I don’t write much fanfic and I can’t draw (sobs) so I mainly look at fanart, read headcanons, read select fics, try to solve theories, purchase merch, and just heavily invest myself in the world. I consume more than I create and I’m grateful for those who do create. And it is So Much FUN to have inside jokes or little phrases that your ear automaticallyย catches.ย It’s a quick way to make friends, or conversation at the very least!

I also don’t believe in gatekeeping. The great thing about being a fan of something is new fans can join anytime! Sure it’s fun being an original, but there’s no need to shame people for being late to the party (as long as they don’t jump from bandwagon to bandwagon with sports teams!!). Fandom unites so many different people and I think that’s awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

My Fandoms

Harry Potter:ย one of the earliest true fandoms I ever joined- I can’t even count the amount of hours I spent on Mugglenet, rereading the books, talking about them with friends at school. The HP fandom continues to thrive long after the books and movies have ended, which is incredible. The first fanfic I ever wrote was the day after I finished Deathly Hallows. I couldn’t let go.

A Song Of Ice And Fire:ย Ooh boy. My favorite thing about the ASOIAF fandom is definitely the elaborate, sometimes crackpot, theories that people come up with. Pretty sure I spent an entire day reading them once, and this is definitely how Jessie’s and my friendship really began ๐Ÿ˜€

Disney:ย I’ve no joke been a Disney fan my entire life (because my mom is a Disney fan too!). I love everything about it- the theme parks, the tv shows, the movies, the Little Mermaid chapter books, the memories. Disney magic is real. It was one of the first things Chris and I bonded over! I still watch Disney movies all the time; we all have a little Peter Pan in us when it comes to Disney I think ๐Ÿ™‚

The Raven Cycle:ย Ahhh the amount of time I spent rereading, theorizing/freaking out with my friends, reading hilarious headcanons on tumblr, and just generally absorbing everything TRC online. It’s also the first time I wrote fanfic since Harry Potter. I can’t wait for the Ronan trilogy so I can begin again in earnest!

Captain America/MCU:ย I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Adore it, problems and all. It’s so cohesive and I just LOVE the easter eggs hidden from movie to movie! The casting is all spot on and it’s spawned some truly great movies. But most of all, I love Captain America. Cap is unique because it’s really spawned this fandom within a fandom more than any other MCU subset. And I’ve loved every moment I’ve been a part of it, every tumblr post and meme, every fanfic I’ve read (including the best of all time), and every piece of fanart. Plus Chris Evans is the best Steve Rogers they ever could have picked.

Star Wars:ย It’s true, all of it. SW was always my sister’s thing- she’d run around at recess as Luke Skywalker, watch the VHS’s constantly, and we saw Phantom Menace for her birthday. I liked all of the movies but that was that. I had a hard time telling apart the Rebel and Empire ships as a kid haha! Then Episode 7 happened. Oh my god. I fell headfirst into the Star Wars fandom. It’s one of my favorite movies, I love SO much about it and watch it a lot. And it reignited my love of the original trilogy too, which I loved even more as an adult (Princess Leia!). Star Wars Rebelsย continues to be one of the best shows on tv and one of the best parts of the SW Universe, and you all know I am tumblr deep in this fandom. The Kylo memes, the Rey lightsaber gifs, FINNPOE! It’s great fun to figure out who the last Jedi are (plurallll) and I can’t wait for the first trailer to release.

Sports: WWE, Lakers, Patriots:ย The original fandoms! Sports fandoms! They somehow feel the same but different from every other fandom on this list but I love them just as passionately, if not more so. I was known as the Laker Girl in middle school, high school, college, out at the bars… haha I am not shy about my Laker love! I even used to have my own blog and write for another. Basketball has been a passion of mine since I was a child. Football is another sport I love, could spend all day watching. I’m even in an all blogger/reader fantasy league! And WWE might be recent but the most prevalent in my current life. So much to love and fangirl over.

One Direction: Oh yes, I am a Directioner. I own every album, I saw their concert movie in theaters, and I’ve been to two of their concerts. I adore them- I think they are SO talented (they can really sing), I love their personalities, and they’ve honestly brought me a lot of joy. I’ve always loved pop music and boy bands and it’s fun to be part of the next evolution ๐Ÿ™‚ And it’s always fun to find other book bloggers who love 1D too- fangirling is better with friends.

Hamilton:ย A-lex-an-der Ha-mil-ton… I waited awhile to listen to this stellar cast album; I wasn’t sure I saw the appeal in listening to a Broadway show I hadn’t seen but I am so glad to be proven wrong! Hamilton’s unique because it’s not just a musical, it’s a Musical. So you really get the full experience with the album. Two bus rides to work to finish and I’ve never looked back. I’m not sure I’ve even stopped listening to be honest- it is always, always in my head like a neverending earworm haha! Gotta learn those lyrics somehow. Plus LMMย is the purest cinnamon roll this side of Sebastian Stan and there is never a bad time for a Hamilton reference, as twitter is quick to remind us.

Adventure Time:ย I’ve written extensively about my love of Adventure Time. It’s quirky, it’s funny, it’s got a lot of heart, and it’s one of the only shows my sister and I both watch so it’s fun to share that bond.

Honorable mentions: The Office (which I watch every night and quote every day), beagles (I follow a lot of adorable beagle IG accounts and go to beagle meet ups with Andy), Sebastian Stan (I am pretty heavily in the Seb fandom and follow way too many fan accounts haha).

Do you make similar distinctions or are you a part of every fandom of something you love? What fandoms are you a part of? Let me know!

29 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Fandoms I’m In

  1. Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog says:

    I didn’t even think about Sports fandoms which are probably pretty obvious!! We are a Yankee household, split on football – I am a Jets fan and my Husband is a Dolphins fan and we are big Indiana Hoosier fans. I love Disney for sure and am just getting into Harry Potter – a little late I know lol. I also love Gilmore Girls and The Golden Girls ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle says:

      It’s funny, isn’t it?! That they don’t pop into your head right away thinking about fandoms. That’s fun to have some teams in common! And at least you both love football, it is not Chris’ favorite haha. Disney will always be the best ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve seen all of Gilmore Girls and a bunch of Golden Girls, need to watch more sometime.


  2. Amber Elise @ Du Livre says:

    I think Disney and various YA fandoms are my top two contenders. I go through phases of either being a hardcore Disney fan and completely forget about books, or I become a hardcore booknerd and kind of push Disney to the side. THE TWO CANNOT COEXIST FOR SOME REASON.


  3. Lauren R. says:

    I totally agree about sport bandwagons. They are the worst. It’s really fun to get into NEW sports (like my newfound WWE interest), but I hate when people jump to new teams just because they’re doing well. I also don’t like when people have multiple football teams they root for because my dad was always very adamant that it’s not possible to love two teams equally haha. I looove the Panthers but really enjoy the Cowboys and Raiders for my parents/history of the teams, but I would never in my life own those jerseys or merch haha. (Go figure I ramble about unnecessary football topics)

    I remember reading sooo many Mugglenet fics!! Gahh. There was this one Hermione x Draco fic I loved; I spent literally hours trying to log in to my old account and find that fic a couple of weeks ago, with no luck ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    It was so fun to read TRC posts and fics and everything once I finally finished the series!! I was able to catch up and read the final book with everyone, which was so awesome.

    Alsooo love Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, ADVENTURE TIME, and The Office! You have some great fandoms <33


    • Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle says:

      Same same! Like my WWE interest! It was so new and slow at first. Ahaha I love the rambling because I TOTALLY GET IT! My parents are sort of an exception because they have their teams but they’re such big sports fans they love watching everything and always have someone to root for of course. But that never supercedes their teams (Chargers for my dad, Broncos for my mom- Peyton haha).

      Oh that’s so sad!! I hate when you can’t find something old ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I tried to remember my Myspace log in in vain haha.

      Yay, that is awesome! It’s almost better to discover a fandom after an explosion of content because then it’s fun to find and read it all after!

      Yessssss you have great fandoms too, lady โค โค โค This is why we're friends!


  4. pamelibrarian says:

    I usually don’t think of sports when it comes to fandoms, but you are totally right! I am a Packers girl through and through, although you may see me complaining about them more than praising them. I’d never be a fan of another football team.


    I’m pretty solidly in the Star Wars fandom but I would also add Disney and the MCU.


  5. asiyanym says:

    I am definitely in the Harry Potter fandom as well. I love the house horoscopes online (usually from tumblr) as well the “My Life as a Background Slytherin”. Hilarious stuff
    I have come across some brilliant fanfiction, especially of James and Lily’s days in Hogwards. On the other hand, there are some weird stories as well like Draco falling in love with an apple LOL.

    Definitely love the Sebastian Stan fandom. SWOON.


  6. Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense says:

    Why didn’t I think of Hamilton when this topic came up? I love Hamilton so much! I’m always ready to break into song. I grew up watching football with my family, so it feels like an essential part of my life. Wow, that’s intense. I love The Office so much. I actually think Jim and Pam were the first characters I’ve ever shipped. Great list!


  7. Shaz says:

    Great list! I’m also a fan of Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Disney. I’m super excited about the live action remakes that are in development, especially Aladdin and Mulan ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Bonnie @ For the Love of Words says:

    Oooh if I had done a top 10 list, A Song Of Ice And Fire would definitely be on mine. I read A LOT of theories online because my friend that buddy read them with me fell out of love so I have to rely on the internet lol And The Raven Cycle! I’m also excited for the Rowan trilogy, but also anything from Maggie. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. AuggieTalk Book Blog says:

    I didn’t love the Raven Cycle with a fiery passion, but I LOVED Ronan. I loved Ronan so so so so so so much. His character is the only reason I kept reading it, to be honest. So hearing that there’s going to be a Ronan TRILOGY! I’m all over that

    Harry Potter and Disney *high five*. As you mentioned already, we’re the same age and it looks like we started out on Harry Potter pretty much at the same time. Potter twins!

    My Husband is the Star Wars geek in our family. We have so much Star Wars swag everywhere. I’m not a huge fan (I’m fan-lite), but I love buying Star Wars related stuff for him.

    Keep on geekin’, girl!


    • Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle says:

      Ronan is super wonderful! He’s such an interesting character- omg I am SUPER EXCITED for his trilogy!! I’d say I’m somewhere between fan-lite and mega-fan for Star Wars right now. I’m having fun reading the books and comics though ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. Jessie says:

    Morgan, was this TTT designed for you? As soon as I saw it I knew yours was gonna be epic and I WAS SO RIGHT. I love your enthusiasm! <333

    Fandom for me is also widely-drawn and kinda ever shifting. I also love LOTR; I am a fan. But I am not in fandom. However: HP fan AND in fandom. It's weird but there is a distinction right? I'm not even ACTIVE in HP fandom (or really, any fandom) but I am, loosely, part of the nebulous "it."


    YES ASOIAF. Bless it for the awesome characters and devastating OTPs (pretty sure you and Dani are the only ones who understand my RHAEGAR and my Rhaegar <3s Lyanna feels) but also for giving me you as a friend! โค
    P.S. Dani has now convinced me that Coldhands is Night King's son. Let's discuss.

    Disney! Absolutely! I think we all need another singalong soon. One of the best memories of BEA 16!

    Don't hate me but once upon a time I fell asleep every time I tried to watch CA:TFA. Then Winter Solider happened and HELLO I AM HERE and then I was in love. Now I am VERY MUCH A PART of the MCU fandom and Steve is my faaaaave. <333 I feel the need to go tweet a bunch of Steve/Seb gifs at you rn. ON VA VOIR.

    I know we have discussed this but yep 100% with you on Star Wars. I liked it, enjoyed the movies but I was never apart of it until space boyfriends and Rey held that light sabre. After that, I was a goner. I'm v terrified of the next episode.

    [insert snarky comment about the Lakers because they are the WORST and have destroyed my sports dreams for THIRTY DAMN YEARS]

    I can't believe I also have lost you to the Hamilmadness. When did you become a Hamilperson? I feel so alone…..

    I knew the Office would show up in here somewhere ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ahahah SEB of course Seb. SEB FOREVER.


  11. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    Yesss I relate to The Raven Cycle fandom SO MUCH!! I can’t even count the fan theories I had while waiting for The Raven King to come out last year. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ And I’ve even re-read them when I don’t generally bother rereading!! #obsessed


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