March Reading Challenge Update

Another month has come and gone, and I actually did pretty well in the reading department! 8 books, 6 of which were for challenges.
tom haverford
Flights of Fantasy (3 books)

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab- 5 stars. Late to the party but very glad I am here! I loved this rich, magic, heart-pounding world of parallel Londons, and I adore Kell and Lila.

A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab- 4.5 stars. The tournament felt a little been there, done that but Alucard stole my heart immediately and there are pirates! And KISSING! And more magic and character moments!

The Blazing Star by Imani Josey- 3.5 stars. Such an imaginative, well researched book. I loved Portia’s voice and the ancient Egyptian setting was astounding! Richly imagined and fascinating. The book did get confusing and didn’t wrap up as much as I expected, but it’s very enjoyable and different.

Retellings Reading Challenge

None for this month but I started Geekerella and I love it so far!

Rock My TBR

I read mostly arcs and library books this month…


Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge (3 books)

Alex Approximately by Jenn Bennett- 4.5 stars. This is the most You’ve Got Mail-ish book I’ve read yet of this mini contemporary genre and it was perfect! I adored the setting, the movie quotes at the beginning of every chapter, how authentic and real Bailey felt, her relationship with her dad, and Porter!! Such swoons 😀

Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown- 4 stars. Really delightful, I loved Jo’s voice and how every character had layers to them. It’s hard not to come off as preachy but Brown hits the sweet spot by showcasing lots of different types of Christians. Plus it was funny, adorable, heartwarming, and had lots of pop culture references too!

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli- 4 stars. A worthy follow up to Simon with a relatable MC, a wonderful look at the complexities of family and friendship, and a super cute nerdy ship! It was a delight that I read in one sitting.

I’m unofficially keeping track of rereads as well but I didn’t finish any this month, still taking my time with Half Blood Prince.

How did you do with your reading challenges in March? What were your favorite books that you read? I’m really looking forward to my April TBR!

4 thoughts on “March Reading Challenge Update

  1. Jessie says:

    [insert queen gif I don’t know how to do here]

    I am happy you are liking the ADSOM books! I have a hard time picking my favorite — I think today it’s ADSOM? It could be ACOL tomorrow….. What ships do you ship? THIS IS AN IMPORTANT QUESTION. I am assuming Kell/Lila but I can’t see you being able to resist Alucard/Rhys, either!

    I really am curious about The Blazing Star! I am off to read your review after this.

    I also loved Geekerella! So nerdy and cute.

    Yesss taking time with HP reads is the best!


    • Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle says:

      Bahah youuu are very kind!

      I seriously LOVED them. I think ADSOM is still my favorite too but ACOL is close because Alucard and that mysterious pirate island! And everything else of course. You know me well, I definitely ship Kell and Lila (A LOT) and I of course ship Alucard & Rhys too! I love Alucard. A lot.

      I’m going to start reading Deathly Hallows again soon, I can’t wait!


  2. Lauren R. says:

    Ahh Geekerella and Alex Approximately ❤ so good! I've been somewhat wanting to read ADSOM because I love timey/parallel universe books (I think this is one? haha) but I'm not sure adult fantasy and/or this author is for me lol. I'll give in someday!


    • Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle says:

      So good!! I think for the parallel universe reason alone you would actually love ADSOM. It reads more like upper YA/NA fantasy to me- the characters are 19,20 and it’s very accessible and easy to get sucked into. I’ve only read one other book by this author so I wasn’t sure either but I think it could be a Lauren series!


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